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Unlock the story of the past

Sticks Research Agency provides heritage consultancy and historical research services. Our team of expert historians, researchers and writers have decades of experience and we cover the whole of the UK.

We produce high-quality written reports, bespoke publication-standard books and creative multimedia outputs such as digital web content and films.

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Why Choose Sticks Research Agency?

Unlock the story of the past

Sticks Research Agency has been providing high-quality historical research and client reports for over twenty years, including background archive research for TV shows such as Who Do You Think You Are.
We’re passionate about history and love telling stories, and want our clients to share our excitement when making an incredible discovery about their family, home or community.


Dedicated team

We have an expert team of researchers who cover a wide range of specialisms

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We try to be flexible in our price plans, and always discuss a budget with you in advance



We have a wide range of products and services that we can tailor to your needs


Order a book today and save 20% on our normal day rate

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Alex Haley reflected in the US TV series Roots that ‘in all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from’. Our previous work on Who Do You Think You Are in the UK, Ireland, Australia and America has demonstrated this hunger exists around the world.

We can help you investigate your own roots, building family trees that connect you with your ancestors. Our illustrated biographical reports tell their stories and establish their place in history.

house history and black and white image of house

William Shakespeare wrote that ‘people usually are the happiest at home’. In 2020 we’ve all spent a fair amount of time indoors, but have you ever wondered who lived there before, or when your house was built?

We can research the lives of the previous owners and occupiers, and uncover the story of your house through time. Our illustrated reports can be turned into deluxe publication-standard books, and make stunning gifts.

heritage with black and white image of castle tower

From Brexit to Black Lives Matter, Covid to climate change, we live in tumultous times. An understanding and appreciation of our heritage and culture helps provide important context – otherwise, as author Wayne Gerard Trotman wrote, ‘those without heritage, history, and place are subject to exploitation, manipulation, and deception’.

We provide heritage research and consultancy services to individuals, organisations and institutions, and can create a range of assets for marketing or commercial uses.

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We have an excellent pedigree in providing services to broadcasters and production companies, from consultancy, research, scriptwriting and onscreen talent. After all, as Peter Jackson put it, ‘the most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself’ and we have done so for many clients over the years.

Our credits include Who Do You Think You Are, House Detectives, History Mysteries, So You Think You’re Royal and many more over the last two decades.

Our research can transport you back to the past

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You never know what stories await discovery

‘At SRA we’re used to discovering and writing amazing stories for our clients, and I’ve given lectures about the power of the past to transform lives – but, if I’m being honest, had never experienced it myself until I researched my shadowy great-uncle. I’d unlocked a secret tale of espionage, deceit and despair – an official at the Foreign Office selling secrets to the Soviets, tailed by MI5! Tugging at that thread ended with writing a book about his life – The Forgotten Spy.
Finally, I had my Who Do You Think You Are moment…’

Dr Nick Barratt, Director and founder of SRA

collage of black and white image of Nick's great uncle and Nick's book cover