Genealogical Products

Genealogical Products and Services

Family tree research

We can research your family tree from scratch, with a range of reporting styles to suit your budget – from basic generational reports that list the names of your ancestors, alongside transcripts of the sources in which they were found, to more comprehensive illustrated reports that can include biographical notes, social context and key local or national events that shed light on where they lived, worked and died.

We always send you a draft report on approval, with a list of recommended further searches included in case you want to take the work a little further; this way you are always in control of the budget, and can choose which line you want to explore. We can print and bind the final report, and can also include a CD containing digital images of key documents – your own personal archive.

Ancestral treasure trails

Embark on a surprise document discovery trail with one of our pre-researched packages. Experience all the best bits of your family’s story by letting our experts do the legwork first. We will design a tailor-made itinerary for you and your family to do at your own pace – make a new discovery at each point of the journey as you gradually unravel the mysteries of your family tree. Our ancestral trails make great gifts, and are a wonderful time-saver if you’re visiting from overseas.

Your family’s story on film

We can create your very own Who Do You Think You Are? style experience, where we research your background and then take you to the locations where key events took place, revealing the stories behind your ancestors and their lives. Our media partner, Family History Films, was started by the founders of two leading production companies, Paul Hurley and Jon Bell, who have a collective wealth of experience in creating and managing content for broadcasters, leading corporations and consumer brands. Our shared passion for bringing history to life combine with a unique breadth of resources and depth of expertise to create beautiful and compelling individual programmes in around six weeks, for a fraction of the cost of a TV programme; perfect for an extra-special birthday or Christmas present, or an anniversary gift.


We can also look at specific problems that have stumped you during your own research into your ancestors, suggesting avenues you might not have thought of as part of a free research proposal and quote – and we’ll say up front if we think you’ve already covered most of the key sources to avoid wasting your time and money!

Consultation and verification services

In addition to solving specific problems, we offer a consultation and verification service with one of our specialist genealogical researchers. Book a session with one of our team at a convenient location, bring your research notes, and we’ll go through them with you – suggesting areas you can explore, or sources you might not have considered. We can also check and verify your research notes to ensure that you’ve identified the correct ancestors, as well as suggesting further lines of research.

Gift certificates

If you wish to give someone the gift of discovering their past for a birthday, Christmas, wedding or anniversary present, then simply buy one of our gift certificates, specifying how long you want us to spend researching their ancestors. You can personalise the certificate, which will be printed on parchment-style card and posted for presentation on the special occasion.

Probate research

Television programmes such as Heir Hunters and Missing Millions use genealogical research to trace potential beneficiaries of people who’ve died without a will, or immediate next of kin. We can undertake aspects of probate research and other forms of people-tracing.


Whilst we are happy to undertake searches linked to adoption, this is a very sensitive area of research with no guarantee of a happy ending. We usually recommend the services of Jeanette King, who runs Families in Time and has many years’ experience of this type of work. Her website is

For more information about our pricing structure, and additional information about the above services, please contact us.